Piping Up the Poop on PBS

Earth Day 2015 was officially April 22nd. Did you get your green on? Well, it’s not too late. I’ve seen in recent years Earth Day transform into Earth Week with green activities and events spread out over many days. Now if we can only get that kind of effort happening the remainder 51 weeks of the year, that would be progress! 

That being said, Earth Week was especially fun for me this year. As you may know, I was invited to be the business voice of “green” and the environment on PBS. It was a thrill to be part of a passionate panel discussing topics from water to coal to fracking to the future. We could have kept on talking for hours but host, Gene Grant was super skillful at keeping us reigned in. Not a small feat…

One of my favorite segments of the show was revealing how a Roswell, New Mexico company is “piping out the poop” from seven dairies and processing it into a biogas that will be used for fueling city buses. Isn’t that phenomenal? From manure to mass transit. In green marketing, that’s what we call “waste to product”. Taking something that would normally be discarded, trashed or buried somewhere, and turning it into a useful product. That, to me, is the future of business. Oh what fun it is to work with companies and products like that. And I do! Like Growstone, a New Mexico-grown company that takes discarded glass out of piled-up landfills and transforms it into a high-performance growing medium. Yes, recycled glass can grow your plants. What’s not to love?