The Art of Collaboration Webinar Today!

There is nothing like finding the right partnerships and collaborations to expand your reach fast. If you do it right, you not only increase your influence dramatically but your income as well.

Within a matter of weeks, by partnering with a local non-profit that was close to my heart, my company, Mind Over Markets, won a 24K Branding contract from one of their members. And that’s not all. Soon after, I was invited to speak at an event produced by the non-profit. My 45-minute presentation resulted in a robust marketing project a few months later.

Yes, Collaboration Is Currency!

Come to my free webinar “Art of Collaboration: Creating Successful Partnerships to Expand Your Reach and Advance Your Vision”. I will share with you how I did this with my business – plus other successful collaborations so you can:

•   Get clear on what you want to achieve in order to attract the ideal partnerships for your brand

•   Identify the brands or organizations that can expand your reach and align with your vision

•   Leverage your social, relational and non-monetary assets to create cost-effective collaborations that achieve your goals

•   Spread your ideas across multiple marketing channels for the greatest impact and numbers

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Collaborations and partnerships are one of the most affordable and easiest ways to expand your reach and align yourself with other companies and non-profits that share your vision. Don’t miss this content-rich webinar to learn how you can successfully do it too.


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