Get Brand Ready – Free Webinar with Carolyn Parrs

GET BRAND READY. Free Webinar with Carolyn Parrs, CEO of Mind Over Markets

Do this before you brand anything

A well-designed brand and position can put you light years ahead of everyone else your market. But before you invest a dime in creating a brand or going through a rebrand, listen to this video on how to GET BRAND READY. I explain what you need to do before hiring a brand professional, graphic artist or your cousin so that you can avoid the costly mistakes so many businesses make.

In my free webinar “GET BRAND READY: The 5-step process that marketing experts use for creating a high-impact brand that cuts through the clutter you will learn:

  • How uncovering the “why” beneath your brand is the most important first step you can take.
  • How to get to the heart of your brand message so you are not another me-too product or service.
  • The key ingredients to a creating a killer slogan that captures your unique value and sets you apart from the rest.
  • The importance of the “look and feel” of your graphic mark or typography in communicating your brand’s personality and mission. Yes, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

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Whether you are branding a product or service  – or yourself (I have done all three), don’t miss this content-rich webinar to learn how to effectively prepare so that you create a powerful, memorable green brand that cuts through the clutter and delivers!

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“Carolyn and Mind Over Markets have provided outstanding insights into the fast growing market of sustainable business for our members. Her counsel often means the difference between success and failure in this very competitive market.”

—Allan Oliver, Former CEO, New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce


“A golden recommendation for Mind Over Markets. They took our company to new heights. Their work is wonderful, creative, responsive, resourceful, and very reliable.”

–Amrita Reitz, President, BioShield Healthy Living Paints

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