Soul Brand Training & Coaching

Soul Brand Training & Coaching


Probably the #1 question entrepreneurs and small business owners ask us is “How do I get to my company’s core message?” It’s a Big One – and of paramount importance because if you don’t know what your core message is, then you don’t have a brand. Just some words on a page or a pretty logo.

Getting to your core message requires not only examining what’s on the outside, in the marketplace you exist in, but a deep inquiry inside, to your core reason for being and why that is relevant now. When you understand that, and what your beloved customers really want and care about, you will be able to attract your ideal client or customer more effectively and easily.

If this is new territory for you, or you haven’t asked these kinds of questions in a while, join Carolyn for a 1/2 day of Soul Branding and Core Message Training.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why getting to the soul of your brand can help you connect with your customers more deeply and authentically?
  • The essential questions you need to ask yourself and your customers (or potential ones) so you can get to your company’s true core message
  • How to create a brand core message from the inside out
  • Clear examples of core messages that get to the soul of their brands

Saturday, January 6, 8am – 11:30pm PT / 11am-2:30pm ET

ZOOM Video Conference online 

FEE – 1/2 Day Online Soul Branding Deep Dive: $57 



Work one-on-one with Carolyn for 1 and 2-day VIP intensives. These big chunks of time allow her to dive deep into your brand to uncover your true core message. In her 30-plus years as a marketing professional and entrepreneur, this is what she knows drive results — that kind of concentration and commitment. You will leave with Core Message clarity so you can finally attract the customers or clients that are looking for you. Contact her at carolyn (at) mindovermarkets (dot) com to schedule your VIP day.

What Carolyn’s Coaching Clients Are Saying

“I didn’t classify myself as a game changer until I started working with Carolyn. I knew I was affecting change in the lives of people known and unknown, however Carolyn’s coaching has greatly expanded my perception of the vastness of what I am already doing and the breadth of further possibilities. Within just three months the game and the “joy of playing it” has changed for me and those I serve. Thank you, Carolyn!”

— Karen Marie Jones Meadows, Artist & Entrepreneur, One Purpose Productions

“Carolyn Parrs is the most knowledgeable, experienced and personable coach and ally that I can imagine. From the moment I met her to my most recent session, I continue to be so “greatful” to have her support and expertise on a crucial part of my journey. It has made a tremendous difference.”

— Colleen Kelley, Author, Teacher, Counselor

“Carolyn truly bring her heart into her coaching relationship with her clients. She not only understands what it is that I am trying to accomplish but she also cares and is invested in my success – whether it involves my career, relationships, personal life or personal growth. Carolyn gives me the space and time to explore all aspects of what I am working to accomplish – the reasons why I want to do it, my emotions and drive behind it, the activities I need to do, and the impact the activities may have. She acts as my sounding board, my advisor and my best friend and cheerleader. As a result, after each coaching session I am invigorated and ready to face any challenges as I work toward my goals. I’ve been working with Carolyn for the past 6 years and, when I look back over that time and see the changes that I have been able to make in my life, I know that it would not have been possible – or as much fun! – without Carolyn’s coaching and support.”

— Jennifer Monihan, Business Consultant

“I spent some time visualizing my future with the elements Carolyn gave me and I was clearly able to picture my very bright future. I am thankful for all her wisdom, encouragement and love. I am very fortunate to have her in my life. Carolyn has topped my gratitude list!”

— Laurie Raphael, Designer

“Working with Carolyn is like suddenly finding a secret, hidden, beautiful pathway to the core of myself. Not simply as a wife, mother or daughter, but as the passionate and purposeful woman I was born to be. I am forever changed. I am forever grateful.”

— Theresa Lambert, Teacher