Greenvestment Resource Center

The Gateway to Sustainable Investing

Situation: Just because you are green does not mean you do not care about the color of money. And just because you may care about money, does not mean you do not care about your values as you invest to build portfolio value. That is a lesson many independent financial advisors need to know. Our client, a leader in SRI (socially responsible investing), wanted to create a new division responsive to the needs of independent financial advisors. An information-rich, online center providing advisors with all the resources they need to get up to speed on SRI. Because this effort was web-based, we knew that electronic and collateral media were a vital part of getting this message across effectively.

Our Approach: As a B2B campaign, we knew we would have to fully understand the financial markets, investment lingo, and economic motivations we were working with. Brand development followed easily from this research. Our first task was to create a name for that division that would be unique, informational and educational. Here at Mind Over Markets, we love the notion that the “name is the claim”, and if appropriate, try to employ that notion when naming a company, service or product.

To do that, we coined a name that would belong uniquely to our client: Greenvestment Resource Center. And we created a branding line that would explain the services they provide: “The Gateway To Sustainable Investing”. We positioned the center as the first stop, and the portal into green and socially responsible investing.

Impact: This is another example of looking beyond the obvious to arrive at a message that sticks. It’s also an example of the importance of knowing who your customer is and what perceptions you have to intensify or change to make your message succeed. Knowing that the average broker sees SRI not from a growth perspective, but from a social or activist perspective, showed us where we had to go and what we had to do — reframing the opportunity for them in a way they hadn’t thought of. Greenvestment Resource Center is now the leading resource center for financial brokers interested in green investing and is in the #1 position on Google in this category.

Client: Greenvestment Resource Center

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