Positive Energy Solar

It Pays to Be Positive

Situation: Solar is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and financing and installations are faster and easier than ever before. Yet there remains a misperception amongst consumers that solar is too expensive and too complicated to be easily implemented. Even with increasing interest in “going solar”, many customers have a hard time differentiating between the huge variety of products and installation designs that are on the market.

What’s more, through a series of interviews with existing customers, potential customers that did not choose Positive Energy Solar, and staff, we found out that their reputation and knowledge in the field exceeded their competition’s tenfold. But what stood in the way over and over was price. In spite of their new and highly competitive financing options, this perception lingered.

Our Approach: To break free from this, we cut to the heart of the matter with the branding campaign and tag line: “It Pays to Be Positive” and created a series of print advertisements and digital communications such as “See the Light!” and “Get the Sun Without the Burn”.

With a segmented market serving five very distinct geographic locations—Santa Fe, Taos, Los Alamos, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces—we knew the ad campaign and media strategy would need to be diverse but also highly focused. Our local knowledge of the state was essential in crafting appropriate messaging for each region.

Impact: One month after this campaign hit the five markets, PES exceeded their lead generation goals and hit their solar installation capacity. A positive challenge to have.

Client: Positive Energy Solar

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