Hear Them Roar

You know who she is. Over 50. Not necessarily interested in the latest and greatest anti-aging cream. She might even have a few streaks of gray hair blowing in the wind. Naked. Not because she can’t cover them up with “color”. But because she’s part of a growing trend of women that don’t want to. Oh, and did I say she’s got bucks. Like 20 trillion. That’s one of the biggest and most radical groups Madison Ave seems to ignore. Maybe because only 12% of the Creative Directors (heads of advertising agency departments where all the marketing messages get dreamed up) are women.  Yet she buys over 80% of consumer products they dish out. Go figure?

What if that number was reversed? What if 88% of the Creative Directors were women? What if they were there in those numbers at the inception of a new kid’s cereal? Toy? Snack? Would it be different? What would that product look like? Taste like? Be like? Shall we let them know?

Hear them roar

The demographic set to have the most economic power in the coming decades are women aged 50 and over. We talk to consumer forecaster, Shari Swan, as to why the business world continues to ignore this trend at its peril. Also, the growing trend for women to embrace gray hair, even here in France. cc Mole in a Minute

Posted by The 51 Percent – France 24 on Tuesday, November 21, 2017



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