Use Your Mind to “Quantumize” Your Business!

If I were to put the whole quantum physics thing into a single idea it would be that your mind (subjective) has an effect on your world (objective). In other words, where you direct your attention is where you put your energy. And where you put your energy is what affects your world. Make sense?

So if that is true, then what mind are you bringing to your market? How are your thoughts, habits and beliefs shaping your business?

I can’t tell you how many times during Brand Discovery Sessions, in-depth facilitated meetings we do at Mind Over Markets with new clients to learn what makes their brand so special, that I get a litany of why nots. Why this or that can’t work. Why no one really gets my brand. Why we tried that and nothing happened. And the list goes on.

When I start hearing the mounting why nots, I know exactly why their brand is not performing. The mind is a powerful thing.

This week, how about doing this single remarkable thing: Focus on what you want, not what you don’t. That simple shift can change your world. Enliven your brand. Make the phone ring.

Go ahead and try it. It works. Oh, and please Quantum One, share it with me here. I LOVE to hear and share good news from the quantum field.

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