Building Your Brand

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Building a purpose-driven brand is the most important work a company or organization can do. It creates a strong emotional and psychological bond with your potential customer that goes beyond just a monetary purchase. Studies have shown that upwards of 80% of us are more likely to purchase from a company that can prove how it makes a difference in people’s lives.

Here’s what the 5-year Good Purpose Study uncovered:

  • 47% of global consumers buy brands that support a good cause at least monthly, a 47 percent increase in just two years.
  • 72% of consumers would recommend a brand that supports a good cause over one that doesn’t, a 39 percent increase since 2008
  • 71% of consumers would help a brand promote its products or services if there is a good cause behind them, representing a growth of 34 percent since 2008
  • 73% of consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause, which is a 9 percent increase since 2009

At MOM, we help brands dig into the deeper meaning of your product or service. What’s the why embedded in your brand? How are you meaningfully different? Does your brand really help build a better world? How so?

When you get to the heart of your brand, you get to the heart of your customer.

Marketing & Creative Development

We believe that great marketing begins with sound strategy that translates to compelling creative. Unfortunately, most language and design used by traditional marketing and advertising agencies to promote green products, services, and ideas have often become clichés.

Not so at MOM. We specialize in green marketing. We’ve been doing it for over a decade. We know how to infuse our years of green and sustainability knowledge and know-how into the creative process that delivers out-of-the-box messaging and design.

Our services:

  • Brand Strategy Development and Positioning
  • Brand Identity: Design and Content
  • Naming and Messaging
  • Brand Launch and Implementation
  • Graphic design and Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development, Design and Content
  • Video and Audio production
  • Internet and Digital marketing
  • Television and Radio advertising
  • Internal communications

Social Media for the Socially Conscious

We live in exciting times. Never before have so many entrepreneurs, business owners and non-profits put their missions where their mouths are. It takes great passion, dedication and tenacity to do that. To devote your time and resources to create the shift that is so needed in the world today. But how can organizations and social entrepreneurs with limited funds create the kind of shift they are going for? The power of social media is an answer.

At MOM, we are as passionate about social media as our clients are about their companies and organizations. Maybe that’s why we’re known for our high engagement scores on Facebook. Or how we build tribes so fast. For Growstone, we launched and grew their Facebook page to over 40K fans in under 3 years. For our very own, Women Of Green, we engage our followers as friends. Maybe that’s why they share the love with us so much.

Let MOM help you:

  • Effectively frame your message, and share it with intention and integrity
  • Develop strategies to expand your audience and create a flow of content that is engaging and aligned with your mission
  • Implement strategies with consistency in order to create stronger relationships with followers, and a greater reach to potential advocates

Our services:

  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Launch and Management of Social Media Platforms, i.e., daily reputation monitoring, fresh content creation, promotion, peer engagement, customer outreach, customer facilitation, cross-promoting, community building, etc.
  • Custom blog posts and articles
  • Monthly analysis of feedback and engagement across all channels

Marketing / Business Coaching & Consultation

Coaching and consultation can be a way to get all of the expertise from MOM without the marketing services expense. Our one-on-one coaching and consulting provides a framework to guide you in developing your marketing position, plan and purpose. Then you take it from there. We have coaching packages available for different financial levels to fit a variety of budgets. Just ask MOM.

Areas of focus:

  • Getting Brand-ready by uncovering the Big Why beneath your brand
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy & Plan that is targeted to your ideal customer
  • Identifying and implementing the most targeted traditional and digital marketing strategies and tactics to reach and grow your tribe
  • Developing value-added products and/or services to enhance your business and bottom line
  • Creating relationship-building campaigns and collaborative efforts to 10-times your tribe
  • Reviewing and enhancing existing communications to increase your brand’s impact and purpose