Creating from Core

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When the soul of your brand meets the heart of your customer, then true, authentic connection happens. That why at MOM we help brands dig into the deeper meaning of your product or service and translate that into meaningful messages that connect to what your customers really care about.

And here’s what happens. Your messages actually attract the customers that are looking for you. Because they go a whole level deeper than the thousands of marketing messages we get hit with every day. That’s the beauty of getting to the soul of your brand.

Brand Marketing Services

  • Brand Strategy, Positioning and Creative
  • Brand Identity: Design and Content
  • Naming and Messaging
  • Brand Launch and Implementation
  • Graphic design and Art direction
  • Copywriting
  • Website Development, Design and Content
  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • Video and Audio production
  • Internet and Digital marketing
  • Internal communications

Marketing / Business Coaching & Consultation

Coaching and consultation can be a way to get all of the expertise from MOM without the done-for-you marketing services expense. Our one-on-one coaching and consulting provides a framework to guide you in developing your marketing position, plan and purpose. Then you take it from there. We have coaching packages available for different financial levels to fit a variety of budgets. Just ask MOM.