The Art of Collaboration Webinar: Creating Successful Marketing Partnerships to Expand Your Reach and Advance Your Vision

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For those of you that know me well, you know that my main mantra is “We’re All In This Together”. That exact phrase has helped me win marketing partners and lucrative contracts for several years now. Why?

Because I deeply believe this. And so do others.

In fact, more than 60% of small businesses today are working together to find new customers because it can be one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to grow a business. Actually, I feel we women are naturally wired to connect and collaborate. To work in community. To know we’re all in this together. And can do something about it.

But some of the mental roadblocks I often hear are “How do I find the right partners to work with, Carolyn? And then when I find them, how do I collaborate in a way that’s true to my brand while advancing my vision?”

That is what my free Art of Collaboration webinar is all about: Creating Successful Partnerships to Expand Your Reach and Advance Your Vision.

In my webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Get clear on what you want to achieve in order to attract the ideal partnerships for your brand
  • Identify the brands or organizations that can expand your reach and align with your vision
  • Leverage your social, relational and non-monetary assets to create cost-effective collaborations that achieve your goals
  • Spread your ideas across multiple marketing channels for the greatest impact and numbers

Click here to sign up for my free webinar “The Art of Collaboration: Creating Successful Marketing Partnerships to Expand Your Reach and Advance Your Vision”.

Successful marketing collaborations can quickly move your movement light years ahead when you join forces through a shared vision. Join me next Wednesday and learn how you can do this too.

Here’s to the game changer in you!

– Carolyn Parrs

Carolyn Parrs-Mind-Over-Markets

Carolyn Parrs has been working with game changers her entire life. She has trained them, coached them, launched them, and marketed them through numerous vehicles such as Mind Over Markets, her strategic marketing communications and design company that builds brands and a better world. For over a decade, she has helped emerging and established purpose-driven businesses and organizations excel in messaging, brand presence, social media, marketing communications and more.

Carolyn is also the founder of Women Of Green, an robust online community and multi-media blog dedicated to “Turning Up the Volume” of the feminine voice in green. And most recently, she hosted and co-produced the global online summit “Women As Game Changers” featuring 27 powerful women who are changing the game on the planet for good.

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