Michael’s Naturopathic Programs

Tried and Truthful

Situation: In 2013, Global Industry Analysis, a large research organization, released a study that estimated that the global vitamin and mineral market will reach total sales of $30 billion in 2015. This is one-third of the total sales within natural, organic and healthy products marketplace, which is reported around $91 billion. Not bad. However, despite overall size of industry, it has been showing slower growth in recent years. This has been attributed to a number of factors including economic crisis, regulation difficulties, and a saturation of products in mature markets. Today, the choices are many for consumers and the competition is steep

What’s more, with the advent of social media, and the growing influence of the Internet, consumers are more educated and “connected” than ever before. So what’s a 30-plus year old brand to do in an exceptionally cluttered market place? For Michael’s Naturopathic Programs (MNP), it was getting down to basics.

Approach: We asked a broad range of industry buyers, sales reps and MNP staff what was meaningfully different about Michael’s brand versus the plethora of other choices out there. The answer was evident.

Michael’s Naturopathic Programs work! Not true for many other brands we found. But for MNP for over 30 years, their time-tested, complete formulations nourished the body and gave it exactly what it needed. We also learned:

  • MNP strives to inspire people to better heath
  • Have solid, long-term reputation for excellence
  • A reputation for transparency and quality ingredients
  • Affordably priced
  • One of the only products in the market with a guarantee
  • High-potency formulas that are appropriately formulated
  • Products are therapeutically formulated for specific health concerns rather than single vitamins or herbs
  • Contain vitamins, minerals, aminos and herbs, unlike other brands
  • Naturopathically oriented

So how do you distill this down to a few words that would convey their promise of value, and pop on the new packaging we designed? It’s important when crafting an advertising branding line that the message isn’t generic. Meaning delivering a line or phrase that any other brand could say as well. Can’t tell you how often we see that. For Michael’s, we came up with three words that said it all: “Tried and Truthful”. No other brand in this category could say that. And that’s what makes a powerful marketing message. A position and memorable line that you, and you alone, own.

Client: Michael’s Naturopathic Programs

Your choice of marketing partners is significant. What MOM provides you with is a level of expertise unmatched in this area. We bring you proven creative skills that have been honed for many years. We bring a commitment to your business as if it were our own. We strive to produce work on your behalf that will exceed your expectations. If that is what you are looking for in a marketing partner, you only have to look to MOM.