There is no greater challenge facing marketers of green products and services than making their brand relevant to the here and now. One thing is for sure, it won't be saving the planet one “whatever” at a time. Not in this time of economic concern.

Instead, the solution will be bringing the green message down to earth – from the planetary to the personal. Making it meaningful to the issues and concerns of everyday people in their everyday lives.

The questions every marketer should be asking right now are: How does my green product, service or initiative serve not only the planet but the people living on it? How do we translate what we have to offer into meaningful, motivating messages that break through the green haze? How do we marry ecology, economy, efficacy, and efficiency? How do we educate our customers to engender habit-changing behavior?

Understanding these issues has led Mind Over Markets (affectionately known as MOM) to create paradigm-shifting campaigns, messages and social media for our clients.

Our Philosophy

We believe that it's no longer good enough to just be green, you have to be great. Great products, like great people, deliver beyond expectation. The real issues are whether your product or service does the job better, more economically, more efficiently, and with less ecological impact. When you remind consumers that the one environment they have control over is the one they live and work in; when their health and the health of their families are the issues on the table; then green becomes not only relevant but, for most of us, vital. The challenge is to tell it well, with logic and wit, information and education, style and substance.

A Taste of Our Thinking

Growstone planted their plant right in the middle of an Albuquerque landfill so they have direct access to all the discarded glass bottles. There they crush, mill and bake the glass and turn it into high-performance horticulture products including hydroponic growth mediums and soil aerators. A true waste-to-product success story.

Growstones do a number of important things for growers. In the soil, they act as an aerator helping oxygen and nutrients flow to the roots of a plant. What’s more, their hydroponic substrate gives plants a growth medium to anchor their roots to and grow into. With that, we created the brand line "What Better Plants Are Built On.”

One of our first print headlines was “Happy Plants. Happy Planet." It allowed us to honor the product’s performance first and environmental message next. We think that's the right order. Then through a targeted social media campaign and sampling program, we drove growers into their neighborhood hydroponic store asking for Growstones. It worked.

For BioShield, a manufacturer of non-toxic, zero VOC paints and floor coverings, the branding line “Beauty without the Beast” assured their customers that they could accomplish their initial objective, to beautify their home or office, without having to sacrifice their health, the health of their family or the planet at large.

For BioShield's children's line of paints, KinderPaint, MOM created the campaign “There Really is a Monster in Your Child's Room.” The monster being the toxic off-gassing of conventional paints, carpets and wall coverings. We understood that no mother or father, wanting to create a happy and healthy environment for their child, would not be moved by knowing the potential harmful effects that certain conventional products could have on the health and safety of their child. We redesigned their catalog and built in educational “Did you know?” phrases and elements that educated customers about why they should and could have “Beauty without the Beast” for their family. This campaign increased their sales by 62%.

For PALNET, our national wooden pallet client, we created the eco-branding campaign line, “PALNET. The Greenest Link in Your Supply Chain.” Focusing on the growing pressures of pallet buyers to green-up their supply chain, we told the ecological story of PALNET by illustrating the lifecycle of their pallet from scrap trim (that would be destined for a landfill) to their eventual end as garden mulch. To dramatize that lifecycle, we featured a bag of mulch on the cover of their sustainability brochure with the line, “This used to be a PALNET pallet.”

When Presbyterian Health Care decided to build a LEED certified hospital, our prescription for a better branding line was, “A Healthier Approach to Health Care.” The ad we presented that announced their new hospital read, “Taking the LEED in Santa Fe.” We saw the building as part of the healing process because healthier buildings lead to a healthier environment for staff and patients. To highlight the unconventional menus and healthy food offerings in their cafeteria, our ad read, “Our Cafeteria is a Healtheteria.”

The Santa Fe Farmers Market is so much more than just produce. It's a much beloved, looked-forward-to weekly happening and social gathering. It's what gets weary Santa Feans up early on a Saturday morning to be sure Gary doesn't run out of his organic lettuce before you get there. Our goal was to say that everything you could want for a super fresh, local meal and a people-filled, social experience was at the market. Just the right mix of vendors, bakers, farmers, musicians, craftspeople, and of course the many characters that make Santa Fe such a fun and interesting place. Hence, “All the Right Ingredients” became the market's branding line and Santa Feans ate it up.

Green Before Green Was In

For more than 10 years, MOM has helped green companies find their way and their voice. Our team has a long and successful track record of achieving these goals. Our principal is a recognized leader in the world of green marketing. Carolyn Parrs is a featured author on green marketing in Reuter's Inside the Minds book series for C-level executives, and the creator of Women Of Green, a robust online community focusing on turning up the volume of the feminine voice in green.

MOM's clients include clean tech, organics, home dčcor, natural pet food, health and beauty aids, garden products, non-toxic paints, green cleaning products, organic diapers, educational institutions, recycling companies, green real estate, and more.

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